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Credit risk is still making news all over. Credit is right at the top of the risk agenda and constitutes the greatest challenge in the face of man kind. JP Morgan Chase and Credit Suisse have some credit analysis portfolios to their own credit. Different risk software vendors are striving to get ahead in the race of providing the best software solutions to the various financial institutions. As such most of the financial institutions are adopting credit risk training programs. Credit risk management training helps the banks to overcome the challenge of credit risk management. When lending areas fail to develop so as to minimize credit risk the most obvious outcome is the increase in portfolio credit risk. Loan negotiations also become difficult.

The credit risk training programs are comprehensive and designed to give the ones participating in it the skills and strategies so that they can come up with logical and wise credit decisions and handle lending portfolios as they face newer challenges. These courses focus on advanced cash flow dynamics, issues of recovery versus default and specialized lending decisions. These trainings also focus ob loan portfolio management techniques. Sophisticated and new age credit tools are used to reduce the credit risk rates and also price loans. The credit analysis training comes in the form of formal lecture sessions with ample use of case studies and group exercises. The concepts covered in each session are dealt in a very extensive way. Delegates are encouraged to make use of PC based cash flow modeling and financial analysis software. These credit risk management training programs use real life credit risk case studies. They have the opportunity of applying the theoretical knowledge to actual deal analysis.

These credit analysis training programs are designed for the different banks and financial institutions. All the delegates who are willing to attend this training program are expected to have a good and sound working knowledge of the key ratios and procedures for financial analysis and ideally should also have a minimum of 2 years of credit experience. These trainings are mainly targeted towards the credit managers, treasury managers, risk analysts, financial analysts, corporate lending officers, credit analysts, research and ratings personnel, bank regulators, venture capital executives, consultants, portfolio managers, corporate lending officers, management and strategy and that involved with credit risk.

Credit management training is generally focused on credit scoring, new accounts and credit risk management. The seminars designed have practical benefits on the lives of the delegates. They make extensive use of case studies inspired by the real world scenarios. These exercises are based on international bets practices. They are highly interactive and informative. Such credit management training programs are planned in a away that the delegates are exposed to a series of interactive and fun presentations, case studies and exercises. Most of the financial firms are first opting for these credit risk training programs. These training programs have become the need of the hour since credit is one of the ever expanding and booming industry.