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Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessment

The world is beautiful place to live-in. The nature, the green trees, and the wild animals everything seems to fascinate us. One thing that we need keep in mind is that the earthy is the only planet in the universe or in the galaxy the galaxy that has supported the growth if life. Thus it is our moral responsibility to take care of these resources of nature that has made life possible on the planet for millions of years. But one of the most dangerous facts that have left most of the environmentalists frown is the constantly destroying ecological balance. The disruption of this ecological may mean the total extinction of human beings along with the other forms of life that is present at the globe.

But what are the main reasons that are causing these imbalances in the ecological system of the nature. It is high time that we become aware of these alarms before it is too late. The main reasons of these imbalances may be directed towards the industries. Even though one might argue that these industries are sources of most of the modern day developments, inmost cases they are the cause of polluting the resources of nature. To be more specific this damage is mostly caused by the chemical factories that eject waste materials in the atmosphere as well as the water bodies of our planet. This is not only causing discomfort to the human beings but it is also causing deaths of millions of sea creatures almost every day. Not only is this it also becoming the source of the widely feared phenomenon of global warming. So we better take necessary steps to do away wit these dangerous methods followed by factories. Environmental Risk Assessment looks to do just that in favour of both the factories as well as the human beings.

Environmental Risk Assessment started a few decades earlier and has been made popular by the World Health Organisation better known as WHO. This process has fast become a must have for most of the industries of the world. The process of Environmental Risk Assessment operates under three ma categories. These are:

Environmental risk management - Environmental risk management has become of prime importance This ensures that the activities posing threats to the environment are minimised.

Environmental site assessment - Environmental site assessment is important because it helps factories in determining how much damage they are doing to the site of their operation.

Environmental impact assessment - Environmental impact assessment is the process that enables the companies in understanding how much damage they have produced on the site. This helps them in refraining from indulging into further damage of the earth and its resources.